Advance Specialty Care, LLC has a commitment to provide services and support to individuals with
developmental disabilities throughout their lifetime. We are a Medi-Cal Provider and vendorized with the Frank D. Lanterman Regional Center.

We specialize in Shift Nursing for infants and children with the following condition: Mental Retardation,
Cerebral Palsy, Epilepsy, and Autism. Our nurses provide G-tube feeding, Tracheostomy Care, Ventilator Care, and educating/training the family.

We are committed to providing quality health care and support services in the home environment for the ill, disabled, elderly, and homebound in a way that exceeds the expectations of our customers and associates. We strive to deliver quality care at the most affordable prices. As responsible members of the community, we provide substantial employment opportunities in professional, licensed, supportive, and administrative capacities. If we accomplish the first two Missions, we will continue to expand our company. Giving us more opportunity to help all.

Our Mission - we take great care of our PATIENTS and EMPLOYEES, and our GROWTH will follow.

Our Vision - a community where every person is loved, respected and embraced.

Our Values - the beliefs we hold as important that guide our actions.

Our Services